About Us

We are Alan and Pam Rauber.
We’re all about gardening, cooking and photography.

Gardening connects you to the earth. It’s a time to play in the dirt and harvest ingredients for dinner.
Cooking tasty comfort food is inexpensive, therapeutic and creatively good for
the soul.
Photography is for stopping time, sharing that moment and
creating memories.
This blog will share tidbits of our life from the North Georgia Mountains.

We love to cook food for comfort and taste. We don’t consider food just a sustenance but rather a great luxury and pleasurable experience.

Alan RauberAlan is the expert on the Big Green Egg (BGE).  He is all about Smokin’.   In the winter he cooks on a refurbished wood cook stove which you can see here.

I, Pam, just cook on a gas stove.  That is all the flame I can handle. Pam Rauber
Neither Alan nor myself are educated in the Culinary Arts. Any recipe you read here is a derivation from many cookbooks, articles or recipes shared by family or friends. If I can, I will always credit those our recipes derived.

There is no science behind our madness for food. I enroll in a lot of cooking classes because I enjoy learning from the experts. When Alan learned of the efficiency in using the Big Green Egg, he was hooked. Being a history buff, he loved the romance of frying chicken and baking pies on a Wood Cook Stove.

Coincidentally, both of us, within separate households, began cooking in our teenage years.  Alan’s mother only cooked one meal on Sunday and everyone had to forage the rest of the day.  So began his days of putting yummy ingredients together and enticing his siblings and parents with aromas from the kitchen.

I began cooking when my mother decided to get a job. That was the 1960’s.   I learned through osmosis, and no I wasn’t expected to produce the meals she made, but enough so to make due. I watched Public Television Cooking Shows featuring Julia Child, Graham Kerr, Jacques Pépin, and The Frugal Gourmet, Jeff Smith.

Alan and I are not the fast food type, so we cook dinners every night and our children grew up sitting at a table, without TV, in an actual dining room with a table of plates and eating utensils, serving platters and bowls filled to their rims. Much conversation took place at the table. This is where we quietly observed and learned all that was going on in their lives.

Now, our kids are responsible adults, living in their own homes, cooking their own meals, and we continue to cook every night.  It wasn’t that hard to go from eight or ten pork chops down to two. In fact, it was real easy.

I started this blog at the request of my kids for the purpose of providing them recipes via the internet. This way when they’re grocery shopping and need to get key ingredients to a dish, they can access here. When I discovered people had an interest in my blog, I was humbled. Because I am a photographer, I’ve worked to hone my skills to make my blog more appealing.

Last but not least, I enjoy providing short stories to recipes. After all, storytelling is as old as Adam and Eve….I think.

Should you have questions and care to contact me, shoot me an e-mail to

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the Tasty Comforts of North Georgia.

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  1. Thanks for the french toast banana recipe. I am a southern girl and my favorite sandwich is peanut butter, banana and mayo on whole wheat. My southern mama made it for my when I was little and I’ve never stopped eating it. I am going to try this for breakfast. Keep us the good work.

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