Cherry Balsamic Vinegar Over Vanilla Ice Cream

Cherry Balsamic Vinegar over vanilla ice cream

I love vanilla ice cream.  I especially love it with a flavor of Cherry Balsamic Vinegar.

I was first introduced to Balsamic Vinegar while watching the Food Network Show “Follow That Food”, 2002, hosted by Gordon Elliott, producer of Paula Deen, The Neeleys, and the new show “The Chew”.

Follow That Food was a great show and I wish it would run again.  Gordon would take an item and go to the source where the food item came from and track its destination back to the modern-day restaurants and watch chef’s use the item in a menu.

This particular show was on Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Italy.  I was intrigued to learn of the aging process of the vinegar and the regulations controlling same.  It was when Gordon and the heiress to the oldest Balsamic Vinegar Estate in Italy shared a shot glass of the vinegar that I was sold on its use… Gordon asked for second’s.

I use to shop or should I say…swoon over Williams-Sonoma.  It was there that I discovered the aging bottles of Balsamic Vinegar behind locked cabinets with jaw-dropping  price tags upwards of $600 and $1200 bottles.

Williams-Sonoma also sold specialty bottles from Restaurant LuLu of San Francisco.  Specifically made up of ingredients for the restaurant that included balsamic vinegar. I bought two.  One was a Fig and Meyer Lemon and the other Cherry.  Cherry being the dressing coating the ice cream.

I use the Fig and Meyer Lemon to drizzle over vegetables.  The jars are expensive, $12, but I learned you only drizzle a few drops.  It goes a long way. I’ve had both for a year now and they get better with age.

7 thoughts on “Cherry Balsamic Vinegar Over Vanilla Ice Cream

  1. You can also buy Villa Manodori Dark Cherry on our site at Two other great options are Vincotto Raspberry and Vincotto Fig! Lastly, have you tried a good extra virgin olive oil on vanilla ice cream?

  2. Balsamic Vinegars are a fantastic way to bring much flavor to your foods…and ice cream! At Mia Sorella – Olive Oil, Balsamics and More, you can try over 20 different types of balsamics and many olive oils.

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