Grilled Peach Parfait

Grilled Peach Parfait

With Peaches in the markets in great abundance from South Carolina to North Georgia, you can enjoy a sweet and savory mix of fruit and yogurt. Grill the peaches and you have the added smokey flavor. Fresh blueberries lend the sourness desired to balance the sweet peaches. Incorporate yogurt flavored with vanilla for a creamy blend of goodness. It’s a breakfast, a snack, or a dessert and…completely nutritious.


One whole peach, sliced into quarters
Handful of Blueberries
A few Pecans for garnish
1/4 cup Plain Greek Yogurt
1/8 tsp vanilla

Iron Grill SkilletHeat a grill pan over medium-high heat, brush with butter, then place peaches in skillet. Cook for just one minute on each side.

Mix vanilla and yogurt together. Layer in container of choice starting in the bottom with pecans, then yogurt, then blueberries.

Top with grilled peaches.